Industrial Strength Training

You will be working with our Researchers on High end Machine Learing and Microservices


Zero Slides

Yes, we have zero slides and videos to share with you. Unlike other learning platforms, we focus on the real training and hands on coding from the day one!


150 - 300 Hours

As a part of your program, you will have to finish 150 hours course work including the training, error archive, problem solving.



You can get scholarship up to 100% which is based on your Github Turtle Score, Error Archive, Learning Skills and Problem solving skills.


Get a certificate after the Research Intern program

Research Intern Certificate

Once you have completed the program, you will be entitled to get a certificate. Also, we will share your profile with our potential clients.

Learn the ropes

By doing our RD program, you will not only learn the basics. Also, it will give a clear understanding of what's going in the industry.

Experience Matters

Get the proper experience from this program and meet the industrial experts. By working with experience candidates and the trendy business requirements, you will have more idea what should you know to survive in the industry.

Get Hired

Most of our candidates got the job with companies like Zoho and RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) in a few months. Proving your technical skills to your potential employer can be easy with the internship experience and certificate.

What our candidates have to say

Smitha Patil

Basaveshwar Engineering College, Bangalore, India

Hired at IDC Global - India

"150 Hours Internship hours helped to fill the gap what I had in the IT Indusry. Also, it helped to get through the interviews."

David Paul

RBC, Toronto, Canada

Hired at RBC - Canada

"I was with TactLabs in their Internship program. Working with them was very fun and great learning every day. Also, the internship helped me to understand the real world problems and programming. Instead of wasting time on algorithms, I would definitely pick the real time problems."

Training Methodologies Used:

These are the techniques we use when we train the students.

  • Mentor will ask the students to Google and answer
  • One student will do coding and other students will help him/her
  • Make it fun and learning
  • Students can Google it for finding the answers
  • Pointing system for each class and then give a small gift card and a badge for the student.
  • Interactive Session rather than Mentor giving sessions
  • Industrial-Strength small assignments
  • Git push every 15 mins during the trainig sessions
  • Find some funny candidates and encourage them to keep it fun
  • Customize for the local group
  • Max 10 students in 2 different groups
  • Customized language (both English and local)
  • Associated with Movies, Comedies, Funny situations (Whatever fun, we will integrate)
  • Reflecting 90% of the Industrial practices whats happening at IT work places every day
  • Focusig more on problem and problem analysis rather than solutions
  • Funny and Interesting small projects to work on
  • 1 Hour to 10 Hour Quick project
  • Techniques use to get rid of the "Fear of Coding"
  • Zero Slides, Zero theories, Zero Bullshit


These are the techniques we use when we train the students.

  • You will be learning with our Canadian Developers and Architects
  • You will working with trendy techstack
  • 150 - 300 Hours of course work including 40 - 100 Hours of mentoring
  • You will be given a Certificate from our Labs
  • You can learn not only tech but Canadian culture and values
  • Instead of one-teach-many-listen system, we encourage you come up with solutions and we help them
  • Reflecting Industrial strengh scenarios
  • If you are performing well, you will be given Internship to work with our Research team
  • We will search the solutions with you as you at your future work place
  • We will discuss about Error Archive, Daily Logs, and other necessary things related to work.
  • You will be working with us on trendy Research projects which is related to Data Scicene, Data Engineering, Machine Learning and a little bit of Deep Learning

Internataional Research Team Collaboration:

  • If your performance is outstanding, you might be eligible to work with Indian, Canadian & American Research Team on day to day work


  • Python - Basics to Intermediate
  • ML Basics to Intermediate (Level1, Level 2, Level 3)
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Hugobase
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Scipy
  • Scikit Learn
  • Dask Basics
  • Statistics Basics (Level1, Level 2)
  • NLP
  • Spacy Basics
  • NLTK Basics
  • Data Visualization
  • Audio Engineering
  • Image Research